Diversity, Inclusion & Self-Care: Philadelphia [Virtual Summit]

May 13, 2020

Diversity, Inclusion & Self-Care: Philadelphia [Virtual Summit] 

In keeping with best practice in light of COVID-19, CenterForce is going virtual! Now more than ever, it is imperative that we adhere to our core values around diversity and inclusion, and remain anchored to our community. Please join us as we continue to explore the obstacles, risks and rewards on the path to a fulfilling and productive career for women and minority leaders.

What are the best strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse talent even in the face of a pandemic? How can we maintain standards of excellence while working remotely? How can we enlist men to become our allies and advocates? Are companies doing enough to create a culture of inclusion that goes beyond metrics?

Our virtual events promise you the same compelling content and interactive format. This conference will provide networking, learning opportunities and more!


Earthen Johnson
Associate GC & VP – Legal
Macquarie Investment Management
Deanna Sheridan
GC, VP & Corporate Secretary
Spartan Race
Jennifer Chung
General Counsel
Tia Bolden
VP & Assistant General Counsel
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Jessica Cicali
Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary
Cardone Industries
Lindsay Kim Chung
Associate Dir., Compliance & Ethics, Investigations
Bristol-Myers Squibb


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