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Women, Diversity & Change on Wall Street [Virtual Summit]

Engage with leading investors, bankers, fund managers, and finance executives as they discuss actionable strategies, best practices, and lessons learned to overcome the challenges women face as they advance their careers on Wall Street. 

How do diverse teams improve business outcomes? What are the initiatives needed to recruit and retain women at the highest levels of an organization? Are companies doing enough to create a culture of inclusion that goes beyond metrics? Our interactive panels will address these questions and much more.

Please join us as we explore the obstacles and benefits of investing in diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Registration Open Now!

*Complimentary registration available for Investment banking, fund management, private equity and finance executives.

  • Increasing ROI Through Diversity on Wall Street 
  • Representation: Diversifying the Talent Pipeline at Every Level
  • Breaking Down “Bro” Culture: Cultivating Male Allies & Change Agents
  • Making it Big: Maximizing the Benefits of Sponsors and Mentors
  • Busting Stereotypes and Unpacking Unconscious Bias
  • Hope is Not a Strategy for Success: Lessons Learned from Women on Wall Street
  • Bulls, Bears and Equity in a Post 2020 Market
  • Investment Bankers 
  • Traders/Brokers
  • Private Equity Professionals   
  • Fund Managers 
  • Venture Capitalists