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AGENDA: Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Trademark Enforcement: Policing & Enforcing Your Trademarks

Trademark enforcement in today’s environment is complex. Market share can be lost when customers cannot distinguish a company’s mark from those of the competition, so a tailored and balanced enforcement strategy is essential.

This panel will explore:

• Which marks merit policing
• Methodology of analysis
• How to prioritize enforcement
• What actions to take

gTLD: Emerging Best Practices

The new era of gTLD is here, bringing with it new challenges and opportunities. What are the best practices and trends that are emerging?

This panel will explore:

• Current landscape
• <> and cybersquatters – what can brands do?
• What is the benchmark of a good strategy?
• Educating marketing departments
• Use and protection of domains

Copyright in the Data Era: Current Landscape, Challenges, Trends and Projections

Easier access to digital content has come hand-in-hand with increased piracy—making the copyright landscape a challenging one. Where are things headed and how will this impact your copyright strategy?

This panel will explore:

• The impact of recent case law on the copyright landscape

  • Gaylord vs United States
  • Petrella vs Metro-Goldwyn Mayer
  • Flo Eddie vs Sirius
  • Google vs Oracle

• Dealing with new distribution channels
• Updates on Fair Use
• Future trends and conflicts

Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies

Counterfeiting is growing at an exponential rate, particularly over the internet. Threats to brands include not only lost sales, but also erosion of brand equity.

This panel will explore:

• Current landscape and emerging trends
• Benchmarking your current program
Monitoring counterfeiting activity
• What are the best enforcement strategies?
• Preventative measures

Case Study Presentation: Social Media & Trademark/Brand Protection: Striking the Right Balance

Social media can be a double-edged sword for brands: Customer engagement through social media can provide a company with increased market exposure, but it also can result in a loss of brand identity or worse, it can backfire and turn into a PR disaster.  IP counsel working to protect the company brand need to strike the right balance between trademark protection and control and user generated content.

This case study will explore:

  • Weighing brand strategy & business goals
  • Strategies for engaging customers in Social Media
  • Strategies for maintaining control over brands, logos & tag lines

Social Media & Web 2.0 – The In-House Perspective

In the real world both employees and customers are using social media as a great tool to enhance the brand and increase market share. On the flip-side, it is increasingly becoming more challenging to monitor and police social media effectively because of scale and customer sensitivity.

This panel will explore:

  • What are the business goals and how can you best protect brand on social media?
  • How do you align band and business goals with social media activity?
  • How do you monitor?
  • When do you enforce what is worth it, what is not?
  • What are the mistakes to avoid?