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AGENDA: Thursday, April 19, 2018

07:45 AM
08:50 AM
The Current Landscape: The Silence Breakers, Pay Equity & Creating Change

Time's 2017 person of the year was The Silence Breakers. How can the legal community use this momentum to create more opportunities and diversity? Key metrics such as pay equity and the ratio of women in leadership positions, show that there is inequality both in-house and at law firms. Implicit and explicit sexism is real – what can be done to create change on an individual basis, in organizations and across the country?

This panel will examine:

  • Silence Breakers and utilizing the country’s awareness
  • The current pay equity landscape for female lawyers both in-house and at law firms
  • How can the current momentum be used for grassroots change?
  • What does top down change look like?

09:35 AM
Work-Life & Creating Balance: 2.0

Creating a balanced professional and personal life can be one of the toughest challenges lawyers face, both for in-house and outside counsel. It’s clear there is not a simple solution, or a once size fits all approach. This panel explores the realities women face as they build a fulfilling career while also financially and emotionally supporting themselves – and potentially their family. How to create some level of balance professionally and personally in a world where the workforce is continually asked to do and be more?

This panel will examine:

  • Work-life balance in 2018 – oxymoron or real possibility?
  • Crafting a game plan that works for your life and goals
  • Flexible work arrangements: career solution or dead end?
  • Managing key relationships: family, clients, boss, colleagues…

10:20 AM
Mentor and Sponsorship: Creating Growth in Your Organization & Network

Initiatives such as mentorship and sponsorship create a profoundly positive impact towards facilitating professional growth for women. For example, 70% of female corporate workers believe they are high-potential employees, however only 28% aspire to the C-suite. With mentorship, C-suite aspirations jump to over 40%, and with sponsorship the number increases to 50%. How to utilize these resources to bring more diversity to high level positions?

This panel will examine:

  • What does a good mentorship program look like?
  • The difference between mentorship and sponsorship
  • Making the most of your mentorship
  • Being a good mentor
  • What can you do now?

11:05 AM
11:40 AM
Developing Your Strengths & Most Productive Workstyle

Women in upper level in-house and partner positions emphasize the importance of developing an authentic voice and an individualized work style – advice they give to new attorneys. Why is it so essential to develop your strengths and work style? How can you work in a way that is authentically you?

This panel will examine:

  • Why is developing your work style important to your success?
  • Best practices in finding your authentic voice & strengths
  • Signs that you may not be developing your authentic skill set
  • What are the resources available to you in your development?

12:25 PM
Self-Advocacy, Career Development & Personal Negotiation

Attorneys spend their days advocating for their clients and organizations, but when it comes to personal advocacy, it often gets harder. Just as you navigate complex deals and transactions how can you also negotiate the best situation, deal and compensation package? What are the most effective ways to promote yourself and enhance your career?

This panel will examine:

  • Ways to successfully network and promote yourself
  • How can you transfer your current advocacy skills to your situation?
  • How to set career goals?
  • Ways to ask for what you want
  • Negotiating better compensation

01:10 PM
01:40 PM
Dessert & Coffee Keynote - Starting Where You Are

In February 2011, a single suggestion from a trusted mentor impacted the trajectory of Brynly Llyr's career for years to come, "You would make a great general counsel." A month later, Llyr moved from outside counsel to the in-house team at eBay. This statement was the spark that ignited Llyr's career aspirations and propelled her to leadership positions at eBay, PayPal and Ripple. In this coffee and dessert chat, Llyr shares how valuable mentoring relationships and a start-where-you-are mentality have shaped her career. 

02:20 PM
Roundtable Discussions

Four rotating, 20-minute discussions hosted by a topic expert.

Roundtable 1: Work-Life Balance
Jennifer Capabianco, Partner, Selman Breitman LLP

Roundtable 2: Creating your own Path
Karen Willis, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Roundtable 3: Self-Advocacy, Career Development & Personal Negotiation
Elizabeth Pappy, Partner, Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP

Roundtable 4: Mentorship & Sponsorship
Stacie Goeddel, 
Partner, Holland & Knight
Paula Kirlin, 
Partner, Holland & Knight

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03:40 PM
04:00 PM
Your Turn: A Call To Action and Creating Change

What are the key takeaways from the conference and what questions/comments do you have about today’s panels, roundtables and presentations? Our panelists will summarize their essential components and facilitate a discussion on how to create positive and lasting change for women in law.

This panel will examine

  • Summary of key points and thoughts on today’s topics
  • How can the country’s attention be utilized for change?
  • Audience questions and discussions
  • Call to action

04:45 PM

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