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AGENDA: Thursday, October 1st, 11am ET / 8am PT

10:00 AM
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11:15 AM
Women in IP: Advocating for More Female Inclusion and Cultivating Male Allies (8:15am PT)

11:45 AM
12:00 PM
State of the Union for Women & Diversity in IP (9am PT)

The challenges faced by women and minorities in a legal career are magnified in the Patent sector. With low numbers of female and minority Chief IP Counsel and leadership and a limited pipeline of women and minorities coming into IP – this trend is set to continue. Patent law also brings into play the cultural biases around women and minorities going into the STEM fields. What are the steps to increased diversity in Patent Law?

This Panel will explore:

  • Pre COVID-19 how much had the awareness around diversity impacted the Patent Sector?
  • What are the biggest challenges?
  • What can be done to:
    • More immediately increase diversity in patent law?
    • Create and implement longer term solutions?

12:45 PM
PTAB: A Report on Diversity of Women Presenting in Front of PTAB (9:45am PT)

On November 14, 2019, the PTAB Bar Association released its inaugural 2019 Report: Women at the PTAB. The report highlights statistics for female practitioners appearing in PTAB trials. More than 20% of registered patent attorneys are women but of the 1800+ total firms and entities appearing in PTAB proceedings, women make up only 10% of the attorney appearances. The report also provides suggested next steps for law firms and companies to increase gender diversity in the PTAB practice.

This speaker will explore:

  • State of the current IPR landscape
  • The business of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) continues on as practitioners continue to work from home
  • Challenge and Call to Action
    • How can law firms and companies implement the report's suggestions to increase gender diversity in the PTAB practice?
  • How can we use awareness to stimulate change?

01:05 PM
01:25 PM
Performance & Potential: The Path to Promotion & Growth (10:25am PT)

In general men are promoted and hired for their potential; women and minorities for their performance - which must be exemplary. Also, business cultures that tout “meritocracy” tend to be much more challenging for women and minorities to advance. How as individuals and as a group can women and minorities create a path for growth and advancement? While at the same time, create lasting change to make it easier for the next generation of female and minority IP lawyers?

This panel will explore:

  • Trusting the meritocracy
  • Sell your achievement and potential
  • Pay equity, money and shared knowledge
  • The connection between success at a law firm and success in house

02:10 PM
IP Portfolio Management During Economic & Market Uncertainty (11:10am PT)

Effective patent portfolio management ensures a return on investment in the long-run, and it is also key in excluding competitors from key markets. However, economic challenges continue to place pressure on IP budgets. Many patent portfolios are currently being restructured. How can patent owners prepare for heightened cost management? How will this impact IP Strategies? How will already budget conscious filings impact spending on maintenance fees? A well run portfolio gives the business the ability to protect market share, block competitors and create future opportunities.

This panel will explore:

  • What is the impact from COVID-19 on your IP portfolios and portfolio management?
  • How can patent owners effectively manage a portfolio through a recession?
  • Can patent owners effectively VALUE their IP assets?
  • What policies and resources are needed to prepare for future economic downturns and market uncertainty?
  • Is monetization of patents and technology an integral part of your IP strategy?
  • To what extent can outside counsel and IP service providers assist with cost-effectively managing IP assets, reducing administrative burdens, and improving efficiency?
  • Questions and engagement from the audience

02:55 PM
03:25 PM
Trade Secrets: Pandemic Pandemonium (12:25pm PT)

Is it time to Double Down on Trade Secret protection? COVID-19 has exposed many companies and institutions to potential trade secret misappropriation. The pandemic has caused virtual workforce, mass layoffs, a restarting economy, and foreign attacks on our IT infrastructure. A well-structured and thorough Trade Secrets strategy and implementation need serious consideration in order to secure the most valuable assets of many companies.

This panel will explore:

  • What are emerging areas of Trade Secrets risk: departing employees, high-stakes markets or innovation, virtual communications
  • How are companies managing their Trade Secrets during the COVID-19 crisis?
  • How can you develop and implement a Trade Secrets policy - to prepare for the next pandemic or economic crisis?
  • What are real-world effective policies and trainings?
  • When there is a breach of your trade secret policy – how do you control damages?
  • Questions and engagement from the audience

04:10 PM
Impact of COVID-19: Working Remotely on D&I in IP (1:10pm PT)

In a downturn or crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic has been used an excuse to abandon Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. With working remotely a “norm” and businesses looking to streamline and cut budgets how can women and minorities stay front of mind and make sure D&I initiatives stay the course?

The panel will explore:

  • What has the impact of working remotely been on women and minorities?
  • How can individuals make sure they are being seen and heard in a remote work environment?
  • What can be done to keep D&I initiatives moving forward?
  • Implementing balance and self-care into your day and schedule
  • Call to action for the audience

04:55 PM

05:10 PM