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AGENDA: Wednesday, June 14, 2017

08:00 AM
08:45 AM

09:00 AM
Gender Equity in IP and Silicon Valley

Ongoing news stories over the years have showcased that gender equity in both IP and Silicon Valley is a work in progress. What is the state of gender equity in Silicon Valley? What does the future hold? If you are in Tech and IP this is the place to be – how can you make it work and what can you do to change the culture?

This panel will explore:

  • What does the current landscape look like?
  • What is unique about working in Silicon Valley, Tech & IP?
  • What does the future hold?

09:50 AM
Work-Life Balance & Career Management: Guilt, Conflict and Ambition

Juggling ambition, professional fulfillment and the right career choices is a challenge for many women in the legal profession, and IP’s skew toward science adds another layer of challenges. What career choices do you have? What realistic sacrifices will you make to pursue a fulfilling, rewarding and balanced career?

This panel examines:

  • What are the best ways to manage your career?
  • What are the career paths available to you?
  • How to discuss schedule and productivity with your employer/manager?
  • Will working from home negatively impact your career?
  • How to approach this with family/partners?


10:40 AM
11:10 AM
Developing Your Work Style, Approach and Strengths

Many of today’s successful female IP attorneys have stated that working with your own style, approach and finding your strengths is a good foundation to build a fulfilling career. As they look back, why is this such an important topic? How will you recognize and develop your workstyle and approach? Conversely, how to catch the pervasive pressures and traps that may cause you to work in someone else’s style?

This panel examines:

  • Why is developing your own workstyle important?
  • Traps and pressures to watch out for?
  • Training you manager
  • Open forum questions

12:00 PM
When the Boys Go Golfing: Bonding, Networking & Promoting Yourself

When networking and self-promotional opportunities come up that are in culturally male-dominant areas what choices do women have? How can you bond and network with internal & external clients in a manner that enhances your personal brand? What are the other ways you can network and promote yourself?

This panel examines:

  • How can you take part in male-dominated networking opportunities?
  • What other ways can you promote and build your personal brand?
  • How to utilize social media in the right way?
  • How can you change the culture in your organization?

12:50 PM
01:50 PM
Roundtable Workshops

Four rotating, 20-minute discussions hosted by a topic expert.

  • Roundtable 1: 'Motivating the Female Inventor: Cultivating New STEM Ideas & Innovations'
    Jennifer Gallagher, Senior Sales Engineer, Innography
  • Roundtable 2: 'Developing Your Own Work Style'
    Lisa Nguyen,
    Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP
  • Roundtable 3: 'Networking and Promoting Yourself'
    Agnes Juang, 
    Partner, Knobbe Martens
  • Roundtable 4: 'Developing Your Career'
    Kimberly Mottley, 
    Partner, Proskauer Rose

Click here for more details.

03:10 PM
03:30 PM
Keynote Panel: Lessons Learned from Female Litigators

A female litigator challenges all preconceptions and prejudices faced by ambitious women in IP. Whether you are in-house counsel and managing a litigation, or a law firm litigator who is as good as their last result, there are some productive takeaways for all female IP counsel about navigating a male-dominated sector.

This panel will examine:

  • What is it like being a female litigator?
  • How to overcome inherent bias about successful litigation?
  • Keys to successful litigation
  • Takeaways for all aspects of IP

04:50 PM
Who is My Mentor and Developing a Sponsor

Having a mentor is great but it may not be realistic in IP as you can’t ask a peer at a rival company if you just made a mistake. However, in order to progress your career you must find sponsors to learn and help you develop. So where can you find mentorship? What people and experience should you seek? How can you be seen and heard so the quality of your work can be judged on its own merit?

This panel will examine:

  • The value of good mentorship
  • No mentor? Where to seek guidance
  • Sponsorship and its importance
  • Creating your own meritocracy

05:40 PM

05:50 PM