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The IP Strategy Summit: West

The IP Strategy Summit West

"We Are Thrilled to be Presenting In-Person Once Again!"

For the past 18 months, litigation has been on the rise as it is spurred by NPE activity and funded litigation. However, the economy is slowing down and inflation will be an impacting factor into 2023. Combined with these and other domestic challenges, we also face geo-political conflict and turmoil which impacts international IP strategy. How do patent practitioners build on the opportunities that have emerged from the pandemic and come out of an economic downturn stronger?

Come join your IP peers for a day of learning and benchmarking on progressive, actionable insights from the front lines on topics such as:

  • Building Effective Prosecution and Portfolio Management Strategies
  • Managing Budgets and getting Buy-In
  • Creating Defensive Litigation Strategies
  • Building an Enforcement and Monetization Program
  • How and When to Utilize IPRs
  • Shaping an International Strategy
  • and much more . . .

Registration Is Open!
*Complimentary registration exclusive for in-house counsel and corporate leaders

  • The Foundation of your IP Strategy: Innovation, Prosecution, and Porfolio Management
  • Litigation Trends & Forecast in 2023
  • An Operating Companies Guide to Enforcement, Monetization and Litigation Strategy in the New Normal
  • Building your PTAB & IPR Strategies
  • Trade Secrets - It's Heating Up 
  • VIP Interview Series: Featuring Christa Zado
  • International Patent Strategies 
  • Chief IP Counsel
  • VP & Director of IP Strategy
  • Chief, Deputy and Associate General Counsel
  • Intellectual Property, Trademark and Copyright Counsel
  • Head of Litigation
  • Director of Business and Legal Affairs
  • Director/VP of Intellectual Property
  • Director/VP of Licensing
  • IP Counsel
  • IP Consultants
  • VP & Director of Intellectual Asset Management