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07:40 AM
Breakfast and Check-In
08:40 AM
Opening Remarks
08:50 AM
Moving Away From Noah’s Ark: Creating a Culture of True Inclusion

In “The Loudest Duck” by Laura Liswood, she writes that at some point, corporate diversity came to mean the inclusion of at least two of every kind. Far too many managers and leaders figured that if you crammed a pair of each minority into a company or into a boardroom, you had accomplished the task of creating a diverse work environment. Nothing could be further from the truth!

This panel will explore:

• How can CDOs and HR professionals work together to move from tokenism?
• Strategies to get buy-in from leadership.
• Best practices to create an environment of genuine belonging.

09:35 AM
Workplace Diversity Training that Actually Works

When it comes to DE&I training, too many companies are taking a one size fits all approach. This has proved to do little to move the needle. However, if executed correctly, such training can be an effective method to promote a positive workplace, committed to eradicating bias and microaggressions.

This panel will explore:

• How to create an effective and sustainable DE&I training plan
• How to identify unconscious biases, non-inclusive behavior, and microaggressions
• Managing ERGs, DE&I Council, and affinity groups

10:20 AM
Networking Break
11:00 AM
Beyond the Bottom Line: Embracing DEI as a Business Imperative

It is well known that embracing the core values of DE&I makes good business sense. As a result, seeing a Return on Investment (ROI) on DE&I programs is essential, since it represents a clear justification for the investment an organization makes in DE&I programs.

This panel will explore:

• How to ensure that DE&I programs are effective and align with business strategies
• Calculating the ROI on DE&I
• How to Get Buy-In from the C-Suite by Identifying the benefits of DE&I programs

11:45 AM
Keynote: It’s a Whole New World… for CDOs

Since the events of 2020, there has been a renewed and urgent call for social justice reform. Corporate America got the message loud and clear that stakeholders and consumers are no longer content to stand by waiting for change to occur. This means a true commitment to DE&I initiatives in order to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. This has left many companies scrambling to find/anoint CDOs. BUT just filling the seat is not enough. Hiring or promoting people with no prior experience is mere window dressing. Hear from CHROs and CDOs who will report from the trenches on the current situation and what needs to happen if meaningful and lasting change is to occur. get the full support of the C-Suite and the entire organization.

This panel will explore one or more of the following topics:

A. Making the Right Hire

  • Understanding the job requirements
  • How will the role benefit the organization?
  • Does the candidate’s credentials and experience align with the mission?

B. Challenges and Obstacles CHROs and CDOs Face

  • Gaining the full support of the executive team
  • Getting the necessary resources to effect meaningful change
  • Avoiding burnout

C. Best practices for creating a sustainable DE&I strategy

  • Creating a true culture of inclusion
  • Prioritizing metrics that track progress
  • Helping leadership to exemplify the culture of DEI

12:30 PM
Lunch & Networking
01:30 PM
Rewriting the Playbook on Retention

Even when an incredible amount of time, energy, and resources goes into hiring qualified diverse candidates, many companies find that they are faced with a revolving door when it comes to retaining that talent. That is why a formal retention program is a critical and a necessary follow up step. It is especially important when it comes to diverse hires, who may become quickly disillusioned when they don’t experience the emphasis on inclusion that they experienced during the interview process. A high diversity turnover rate can cost a large corporation tens of millions of dollars each year, making reducing diversity turnover not just “the right thing to do,” but also a business imperative.

This panel will explore:

• The Role of HR & DOs in Identifying and filling the gaps in the advancement of diverse employees
• The impact of biased performance reviews
• Using ERGs and affinity groups to improve retention rates

02:15 PM
Building Sponsorship & Mentorship Programs That Enhance DEI initiatives

Mentorship, sponsorship and allyship all have a major impact on creating more equity and inclusion, and giving diverse groups the confidence and tools to succeed in an organization. When implemented well, and with support from management, Mentorship, Sponsorship and Allyship initiatives improve ROI, foster change, and create buy-in at all levels. How then can HR and DOs overcome the status quo and resistance at the leadership level to get the buy-in necessary to run these programs effectively and create meaningful change?
This panel will explore:

  • Educating Management on the importance of Sponsorship, Mentorship and Allyship Initiatives
  • Helping employees to understand the difference between Sponsors, Mentors and Allies
  • Formal sponsorship/mentorship programs: What are the obstacles? What’s working? What can be improved?

03:00 PM

Roundtable 1: The New Language of DEI Requirements: What Your Company is Saying and Why
Kamau Coar, 
Counsel, Nixon Peabody LLP

Roundtable 2: The ABCs of DEI: - How Traditional Best Practices are Crippling Our Efforts
Leeno Karumanchery, Co-Founder & Head of Behavioral Science, MESH Diversity

04:00 PM
Networking Break
04:15 PM
Whose Job is it? Developing a Purposeful Corporate Culture

In the face of considerable cultural shifts and a changing political landscape, many companies are beginning to feel that it is expected of them to fortify their corporate citizenship status by extending their obligations beyond core business objectives. This means going beyond compliance and making a positive social impact, by acting ethically and responsibly, within the local and global community. Additionally, it means rebuilding the organization's internal culture as well.

This panel will explore:

  • What exactly is Corporate Citizenship and how does it differ from CSR programs?
  • Which department should be responsible for spearheading corporate citizenship efforts?
  • Examples of external and internal initiative. What is working? What is not?

05:00 PM
Closing Comments + Networking Cocktail Hour