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Roundtable Workshops

1.45 - 3.00pm
What is a Roundtable?

Round-tables are informal interactive 20-minute discussions which provide an excellent opportunity to exchange professional insights with peer-level IP Experts. The sessions bring together attendees in confidential, dynamic, cross-industry groups to learn from each other’s experience and discuss common themes.

Reasons to attend?

Gain practical insights from your peers and share your own discoveries with others. Only real life examples and educational discussions.

Round-table 1
Problems and Pitfalls in Patent Annuity Pricing

Organizations frequently find it more efficient in both time and money to outsource the continued maintenance of their global patent and trademark portfolio. But, how can you be assured that you are being charged a fair price for these services? While the service itself is straightforward, often the contract and invoicing is opaque. The discussion will examine common pitfalls that organizations run into, potential problems in your invoices, and tips to ensure successful contract negotiation. 

Round-table 2
When Your Opinion Counts

With the shifting of legal tides in the Supreme Court’s decision in Halo, opinion letters can be helpful but are not always necessary. Companies need to implement a comprehensive risk mitigation policy that balances the considerable costs and benefits associated with working with legal counsel to manage assertions of infringement and obtaining opinion letters. The panel discussion will examine the use of legal opinions as part of part of corporate risk mitigation for intellectual property assertions.

Round-table 3
Competitive Intelligence: Efficient Ways to Monitor Your Environment

Managing, defending, and optimizing your IP portfolio requires a clear understanding of your IP environment, including continuous monitoring of competitors and their activities. Maintaining an organized and pertinent view of your core industry and potential new markets is critical, yet challenging. This roundtable discussion will cover best practices for simplifying and streamlining competitive intelligence efforts, including tips on automation, categorization, and collaboration.

Round-table 4
Fostering Innovation within R&D to Encourage Better Patenting

Many organizations see investment in R&D as vital for future productivity and economic growth. However, many IP teams find it challenging to establish a robust pipeline of new ideas and track trade secrets that become valuable intellectual property. Are there solutions that can close the gap between researchers and developers and the IP team?