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Roundtable Discussions

1.30 - 2.50 pm
What is a Roundtable?

Roundtables are informal interactive discussions which provide an excellent opportunity to exchange professional insights with peer-level IP Experts. The sessions bring together attendees in confidential, dynamic, cross-industry groups to learn from each other’s experience and discuss common themes.

Reasons to attend?
Gain practical insights from your peers and share your own discoveries with others. Only real life examples and educational discussions.

Roundtable 1
Navigating Inbound Licensing and Litigation of Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs)

Licensing demands for standard-essential patents are on the rise and expanding to cover companies that may not have faced the issue before. This roundtable will examine recent developments in SEP and FRAND licensing practices and offer practical tips for companies considering inbound licensing and potential defensive litigation of SEPs. Important issues to consider include how to leverage a licensor’s FRAND obligations to minimize license fees and avoid injunctions.

Roundtable 2
Willful Infringement

What is willful infringement after the Supreme Court’s Halo decision? What can you do to mitigate the risk of being found a willful infringer?

Roundtable 3
Problems and Pitfalls in Patent Annuity Pricing

Organizations frequently find it more efficient in both time and money to outsource the continued maintenance of their global patent and trademark portfolio. But, how can you be assured that you are being charged a fair price for these services? While the service itself is straightforward, often the contract and invoicing is opaque. The discussion will examine common pitfalls that organizations run into, potential problems in your invoices, and tips to ensure successful contract negotiation. 

Roundtable 4
Fee Shifting in Patent Litigation

What’s happened in the three years since the Supreme Court’s Octane Fitness decision, which changed the standard for fee awards? We will discuss the successful pursuits of fees, including persuasive factors, procedural posture at the time of the award, and rates of success.

Roundtable 5
Competitive Intelligence: Efficient Ways to Monitor Your Environment

Managing, defending, and optimizing your IP portfolio requires a clear understanding of your IP environment, including continuous monitoring of competitors and their activities. Maintaining an organized and pertinent view of your core industry and potential new markets is critical, yet challenging. This roundtable discussion will cover best practices for simplifying and streamlining competitive intelligence efforts, including tips on automation, categorization, and collaboration.