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AGENDA: Thursday, January 31, 2019

07:30 AM
08:30 AM
Women in IP: Opportunity, Equity & Creating Change

The lack of diversity in IP is well documented and women that work in the field are very often used to being the only women in the meeting or department. With the nation and business world focused on diversity and women in the workforce, what impact has that had for women in IP? 

This panel explores:

  • How can we utilize awareness to create change?
  • What is the current status on pay?
  • Reaction from management and male peers
  • Where can we create more equity, change, and opportunities?

09:15 AM
Advocating for Female Leaders, Managers & Partners

The data speaks loud and clear: more women and diversity in leadership equals increased profits and greater retention. In IP especially, advocating for more women leaders both in-house and at law firms can have a profound impact on improving diversity and profits of organizations.

This panel explores:

  • Encouraging more diverse hiring practices
  • Women hiring Women
  • The impact of diversity in law firms
  • How does credit get given at law firms?
  • Now is the time to ask

10:00 AM
Developing Sponsors, Influencers & Career Engineering

To create the career and professional opportunities that are the most rewarding, effective sponsors and influencers are needed. Behind closed doors, who is vouching for you and pushing your name forward for the opportunities you want? There are two ways to approach Sponsorship and career engineering – with intention or with hope – and hope is not an effective strategy. What can you do to strategically foster sponsors and influencers?

This panel explores:

  • Defining sponsors & influencers
  • Another definition “old boys network”
  • The importance for Women in Law
  • Identifying your current sponsors
  • Getting vote approval before
  • Identifying a potential sponsor

10:45 AM
11:20 AM
Cultivating Male Allies: Engaging, Educating & Motivating Men in Diversity

Awareness does not equal change and the ability to cultivate and motivate male allies offers a great opportunity. By creating a ground swell of men that are positively engaging in the process of change and diversity, true change can occur.

This panel explores:

  • Where do you start?
  • How can potential male allies be identified?
    • Minority experience
    • Sponsoring and mentoring women and minorities
    • How to test the waters?
    • What does educating and motivating look like?
    • Shared stories of success

12:05 PM
Your Authentic Self & Focusing on your Strengths

It is all too easy to focus on what you can’t do or what you are not good at. Instead by focusing on your strengths and minimizing weakness your confidence grows and it becomes more natural to find your authentic professional self. Consistently putting yourself into situations where your strengths are utilized give you the best opportunity to succeed. Combined with a willingness to apply feedback and to challenge yourself with new opportunities creates personal growth.

This panel explores:

  • Auditing your skills with feedback
  • Action = confidence
  • Minimizing areas of weakness
  • How to utilize feedback?

12:50 PM
01:20 PM
Dessert & Coffee Panel: Dealing with Unconscious Bias & Discrimination

Whether discrimination comes from overt prejudice or unconscious bias, minorities and women are not receiving equal opportunities or treatment. In fact, the impact of unconscious bias can be insidious and underestimated or rationalized too easily. How can unconscious bias and information be dealt with and overcome?

This panel explores:

  • The types of unconscious bias to look out for
    • Power of language
    • Institutional bias
    • Ignorance and education
    • How to approach
      • Managers
      • Peers
      • Direct reports
      • When an official approach is needed – reporting bias

02:10 PM
Roundtable Discussions

Three rotating, 20-minute discussions hosted by a topic expert.

Roundtable 1: Your Authentic Self & Focusing on your Strengths
Moderated by Salumeh LoeschOf Counsel, Klarquist Sparkman LLP

Roundtable 2: Advocating for Female Leaders, Managers & Partners
Moderated by Lauren Schneider, Partner, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP 

Roundtable 3: Developing Sponsors, Influencers & Career Engineering
Moderated by Elena Krafcik, Associate General Counsel Commercial - Marketing & IP, Alaska Airlines

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03:10 PM

Network with your peers.

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