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The 2nd Annual Trademark & Copyright Summit: NYC

Trademark & Copyright Strategies
for the Digital Age

A company’s trademarks and copyrights are some of its most important – and public-facing – assets. While the digital age of e-commerce, mobile advertising and social media can connect a brand or product directly to consumers, it also breeds piracy and counterfeiting. This means lost sales and eroded brand equity.

Today’s trademark and copyright professional needs to constantly stay one step ahead with a strong brand and content protection strategy.

How can companies fight back and mitigate counterfeiting? What are the best anti-piracy and content protection strategies? When does it make sense to litigate?

The TM&C summit brings together thought leaders to uncover the challenges and opportunities of an effective strategy.

CLE Approved! 6 hrs. NY State
(5 hrs. regular + 1hr. ethics)

  • The Decision: Balancing Trademark Enforcement & Business Cost
  • Trademark Strategy: From Social to Mobile
  • Copyright Enforcement 2017: From Web to Mobile & Beyond
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies: Trends, Updates & Ongoing Brand Challenges
  • Building an Effective Copyright Strategy
  • The Changing Landscape of Remedies Under the Lanham Act
  • Ethical Issues for In-House IP Counsel
  • Senior Counsel, Trademarks
  • VP & Director of IP Strategy 
  • Chief, Deputy and Associate General Counsel
  • Intellectual Property, Trademark and Copyright Counsel 
  • Head of Litigation
  • Director of Licensing 
  • Senior Copyright Counsel
  • Director/VP of Licensing
  • IP Counsel
  • Patent Counsel
  • Trademark Attorney
  • Vice President of Brand Licensing