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Roundtable Discussions

1.45 - 3.00pm
What is a Roundtable?

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Roundtables are informal interactive 20-minute discussions which provide an excellent opportunity to exchange professional insights with peer-level IP Experts. The sessions bring together attendees in confidential, dynamic, cross-industry groups to learn from each other’s experience and discuss common themes.

Reasons to attend?
Gain practical insights from your peers and share your own discoveries with others. Only real life examples and educational discussions.

Roundtable 1
Unintended Consequences: What Patent Owners Need to Know about Nautilus, Octane, Highmark and Alice

Recent attempts by the courts to combat patent troll behavior and protect patent holders are, unintentionally, hurting all patent holders.  With Alice, software patents are placed in jeopardy, with Nautilus, the Court changed the standard for proving indefiniteness, and with Octane and Highmark, fee shifting is likely to become more common and may deter legitimate lawsuits. We will discuss strategies to protect your portfolio in a changing and challenging landscape.

Roundtable 2
Utilizing Best Practices in IP Budget Management and Forecasting

Companies are managing IP budgets more strategically making sure there is aligement with both domestic and interantional business goals. Organizations are challenged as to what their IP activities, both domestic and international, actually cost. What are the best practices in forecasting IP filings and renewal costs, and gaining better insight into your IP portfolios.

Roundtable 3
What In-House Counsel Should Know About Post-Grant Proceedings

This roundtable will focus on the most significant comparative aspects of post-grant proceedings (PGR, IPR, CBM, Ex Parte Reexam, ITC and Federal Court litigation), including:

  • Comparing the pros and cons arising from the different procedures, legal standards, timing and costs associated with post-grant proceedings and civil litigation
  • Examining the relationship between post-grant proceedings and parallel district court litigation
  • Recent developments and trends at the PTAB including strategies for preparing and responding to petitions, new PTAB rules, motions to amend, estoppel, CBM eligibility, etc.

Roundtable 4
Problems and Pitfalls in Patent Annuity Pricing

Organizations frequently find it more efficient in both time and money to outsource the continued maintenance of their global patent and trademark portfolio. But, how can you be assured that you are being charged a fair price for these services? While the service itself is straightforward, often the contract and invoicing is opaque. The discussion will examine common pitfalls that organizations run into, potential problems in your invoices, and tips to ensure successful contract negotiation.