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Roundtable Workshops

1.30 - 2.30 pm
What is a Roundtable?

Roundtables are informal interactive 20-minute discussions which provide an excellent opportunity to exchange professional insights with peer-level IP Experts. The sessions bring together attendees in confidential, dynamic, cross-industry groups to learn from each other’s experience and discuss common themes.

Reasons to attend?

Gain practical insights from your peers and share your own discoveries with others. Only real life examples and educational discussions.

Roundtable 1
Fee Shifting in Patent Litigation

What’s happened in the three years since the Supreme Court’s Octane Fitness decision, which changed the standard for fee awards? We will discuss the successful pursuits of fees, including persuasive factors, procedural posture at the time of the award, and rates of success.

Roundtable 2
Supreme Court Roundup: What This Year’s Decisions Mean for IP Defense

The Supreme Court’s 2017 term is expected to have its biggest impact on IP law in years. We will examine how this year’s decisions will effect strategies for IP defense including TC Heartland v. Kraft Food (forum-shopping in patent litigation) and Life Technologies v. Promega (contributory infringement liability for exports). 

Roundtable 3
Trade Secrets