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07:50 AM
Breakfast & Check-In
08:50 AM
Opening Comments

09:00 AM
Building, Managing & Benchmarking Your IP Strategy

In today's economic and market uncertainty, it is crucial for practitioners to manage their portfolios effectively. To navigate these times, practitioners need to develop a long-term ROI strategy that will keep competitors out of key markets. As companies look for growth opportunities through global expansion, a fresh approach may be necessary. Additionally, practitioners are evaluating whether monetizing patents is a viable option for portfolio management when there is so much volatility. As the IP landscape continues to evolve, effective portfolio management is essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

This panel will explore:
• Building strategies that are tailored to the changing economic landscape
• Adapting to rapid technological advancements and competition
• Identifying ways to optimize resources and realign IP initiatives
• Developing policies and resources to prepare for potential economic downturns and market uncertainty

09:45 AM
The 3 Pillars of your Patent Prosecution: Innovation, Insights & Strategy

Join our expert panel for a deep dive into the key components of successful patent prosecution. Our panel will explore the 3 pillars of prosecution: innovation, insights, and strategy and how they work together to create an effective filling & procurement strategy. What are the best practices in an economic environment where the budget is consistently being challenged and litigation is on the rise? The correct alignment with the company’s business goals, minimizing risk, and protecting innovation make building the business case around budget less complicated.

This panel will explore:
• Aligning your prosecution and filling strategy with business goals
• How is the current patent landscape especially litigation impacting your prosecution
• Gathering & analyzing data to gain insights into your prosecution strategy and implement improvements
• What are the trends in 2023 and moving into 2024?

10:30 AM
Patent Litigation Trends & Forecasts

Effective patent litigation requires a strategic approach that can adapt to changes in the legal landscape, particularly during uncertain times. The economic downturn has affected IP litigation in various ways, leading to growth in some areas while others remain steady. Organizations on the defense side have had to revise their strategies due to rising litigation costs while maintaining their freedom to innovate. Meanwhile, plaintiffs have become more skilled, experienced, and willing to use international forums. Practitioners need to exercise caution when using PTAB proceedings while also being aware of NPE litigation in other regions.

This panel will explore:
• Evaluating the effectiveness of defensive patenting for litigation avoidance through portfolio management
• Conducting freedom to operate searches and obtaining clearance opinions
• Preparing for international litigation or ITC proceedings
• Implementing a proactive defensive initiative that considers the roles of operating companies and rivals
• Updates on NPE defense strategies
• Clarifying any confusion around changes at the PTAB

11:15 AM
Networking Break
11:55 AM
Defensive Litigation and Risk Management Strategies

Litigation is on the rise, the economy is threatening to move into a recession and investors are funding litigation. We have a complex litigation landscape that will continue to see an increase in activity. Being ready, having management aware and budgeting appropriately will all go a long way putting a defensive strategy not play.

This panel will cover:

  • Creating a defensive patent portfolio
  • The patent landscape
  • NPE strategies
  • Working with outside counsel
  • How to be ready for 2024

12:40 PM
Interview with Sterne Kessler's Uma Everett

Details to come!

01:20 PM
Lunch & Networking
02:00 PM

Rotating discussions hosted by a topic expert.

"Managing Your International IP Portfolio"
Victoria Friedman, Dennemeyer & Associates LLC

Topic TBA
Robert Counihan, Fenwick & West

Topic TBA
S. Lloyd Smith, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney 

Topic TBA
Sandra Kuzmich, P.h.D., Haug Partners
Kaitlin Farrell, Haug Partners

03:00 PM
Trade Secrets: Trends & Strategy in 2023 and Beyond

The spotlight on high-profile cases and tales of espionage have drawn the attention of the C-suite to the importance of Trade Secrets. Virtual workforces, layoffs, economic changes, and foreign attacks on IT infrastructure have heightened the challenge of safeguarding trade secrets. Many companies need to thoroughly evaluate and implement a well-structured Trade Secrets initiative to secure their most valuable assets. How can breaches be prevented, and what actions can be taken if a breach occurs?

This panel will explore:
• Current state of the Trade Secrets landscape: risks posed by cyber-attacks, employees working from home, exiting employees, global expansion, and reduced patenting activity
• Analysis of DTSA and current case law
• Effective training and policies that go beyond compliance
• Managing damages in the event of a breach
• Strategies to prepare for economic uncertainty and future threats

03:45 PM
Networking Break
03:55 PM
IPR & PTAB in the Vidal Era

Over the last 8 years, IPRs have shaped the patent landscape and we are entering a new phase. In the Vidal Era, IPRs are and will be still, statically, a good defensive tool. The complexity comes from a climate where litigation is increasing, investors are funding litigation, and both patent owners and petitioners are much more IPR battle-tested and experienced. This panel will explore current trends and how you can prepare for a more complex IPR landscape:

  • What is the current IPR landscape?
  • Are we in a post Fintiv world?
  • Estoppel and Collateral Estoppel
  • IPRs and the Vidal Era

04:40 PM
AI and Patents: Navigating the Shifting Landscape and Envisioning the Future

Advancements in technology continue to transform the patent landscape, and the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has captured significant attention. Join top patent professionals as they discuss using AI effectively and safely within one's own practice, fostering smart AI use.

This panel will explore

  • The present state of patent law in relation to AI
  • The implications of Thaler v. Vidal
  • Predictions on how AI will shape the future of IP

05:25 PM
Closing Comments + Networking Cocktail Hour