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WORKSHOPS: Wednesday May 14, 2014

IP Strategy – Tools and Processes to Build and Implement for Success

Beyond mitigating risks and adopting a defensive position, what additional actions can you take to make the most of your corporate investments and IP commercialization efforts? Questel will share best practices from the industry and the best solutions to support your strategic decisions.

Join us at this workshop and learn how leading companies diagnose, improve their IP and business operations and implement their strategies.

We will specifically discuss how to:

  • Build and/or acquire a quality patent & product portfolio (innovation capture, technology scouting)
  • Strategically manage your portfolio (patent-to-product mapping, monetization)
  • Educate, monitor and communicate progress

IP Throughout Your Enterprise: From Ideation to Licensing

In this workshop, we will cover how to use Innography to effectively communicate intellectual property across your enterprise from the ideation stages to the grant and post-grant stages. We will cover early freedom-to-operate best practices and organically migrate across the patent evolution cycle into grant and post-grant. We will conclude the workshop with best practices around portfolio maintenance decisions, pruning your IP where necessary, and licensing.

Benefits include:

  • How to build your idea into a patent 
  • How to mitigate missed opportunities
  • Learn how to effectively communicating IP across your organization
  • Becoming more skilled in FTO analyses
  • Understanding how to identify licensing candidates and make better maintenance decisions

Ready, Get Set, Litigate: Being Ready For Trial

Litigation is often a corollary of a strong enforcement program. Litigation can also be a high stakes and expensive tool. This workshop will examine best practices to prepare for trial, including:

  • Setting your goals and strategy
  • Case validity: Doing your homework
  • Working with your internal team and outside counsel