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AGENDA: Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Patent Prosecution: Producing Enforceable Patents

The biggest challenge facing patent prosecution programs post Leahy Smith America Invents Act isn’t the first to file provision.  It is, instead, the issue of producing patents that can survive Post Issuance Proceedings.  Producing enforceable patents is the best way to create a strong foundation for your portfolio and widening your options when it comes to enforcement.

This panel will examine:

• Landscape and impact of AIA and ALICE 
• Implementing feedback from portfolio evaluation
• Competitive landscape and intelligence
• Ranking caliber of R&D and potential fillings

Preparing For Enforcement & Litigation

The AIA was intended to change the filing process and help combat the NPE problem; however, post issuance proceedings, IPRs and CBMs make it a hostile enforcement environment. Preparing for any type of enforcement action, including litigation, is now the key to be successful.

This panel will examine:

• The difference between rivals and operating companies
• Due diligence on potential licensees & infringers
• Preparing for litigation:
  - Case history
  - Unifying your team
  - Working with outside counsel
  - Building your strategy

Going To Trial: Enforcement Focused Strategies

The stakes are high and your reputation could be on the line. Have you picked the right law firm? Are your patents going to hold up? Will your witness hold up in court? Is management ready to go the distance? These and many more questions come up as your prepare for trial. Hear how seasoned IP leaders have prepared and run effective trial campaigns.

This panel will examine:

• Preparation – the key to success
• Getting management buy-in
• Developing the story
• Preparing witnesses
• Mock trials
• When to settle?


Surviving The Patent Killer: Navigating Post Issuance Proceedings

The message for patent owners enforcing their IP is clear: be ready for IPRs and CBMs. The early data and messaging from the PTAB is both confusing and daunting. There are, however, some strategies emerging that can assist in effectively navigating post issuance proceedings.

This panel will examine:

• Process, preparation and structures
• Using your litigation law firm vs. a specialist
• What is working?
• How to survive IPRs and CBMs 



Effectively using your resources for IP Enforcement

The Thomson Reuters luncheon session will feature a combination of best practices and case studies that demonstrate how to effectively use virtual back office resources and team extension models to provide IP enforcement and litigation support. Carolyn Blankenship, Senior Vice President, Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property, will discuss how Thomson Reuters internally manages its portfolio in a world driven by more big data players than ever before. Additional guest speakers will discuss how their firms support clients’ increasingly complex needs, and provide insight into the key marketplace trends they are observing. Finally, Rich Kolar, Services Solution Consultant, will share use cases that show how support from Thomson Reuters IP Services division has helped law firms and corporations – including those representing multi-billion dollar litigation enforcement deals – by providing virtual team members and analysis that shapes negotiations and trial outcomes.



Four 20-Minute Discussions Hosted By A Topic Expert On The Following Topics:

- Surviving Reexams
- The Impact of Alice
- The Do’s and Don’ts of Filing IPR’s
- Trends in IP Damages

Managing Litigation Costs

The cost of an average patent lawsuit is $1.6 million through the end of discovery and $2.8 million through final disposition. If you have multiple litigations in a year, the total can top $20 million. Keeping litigation costs down gives you more strategic options as an enforcer.

This panel will examine:

• Due diligence on your defendant
• E-discovery and administrative costs
• Working with outside counsel:
  - Setting budget criteria
  - Perspectives on a successful relationship

Cocktail Reception