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Driving Diversity in Law & Leadership: San Francisco


We Are Thrilled to be Presenting In-Person Once Again!

The past two years have brought unprecedented disruptions and uncertainty to our professional and personal lives. As we begin to transition back to face-to-face interactions, how will we do business, socialize, and educate our children? The CenterForce Diversity in Law Series will explore this "new normal" and the effect it will have on the career paths of women and underrepresented professionals in legal and Corporate America. Clearly, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives have become an imperative in the workplace. Further, DEI is no longer being defined as a gender issue or a race issue, but rather, as a people issue. In order to truly foster change, we need to get all stakeholders in the room. Therefore, all genders are welcome!

How is leadership evolving to meet the challenges of the post-pandemic world? Are companies doing enough to create a culture of inclusion that goes beyond metrics? What are the best strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse talent? How can we enlist the dominant group to become our allies and advocates? What does success look like for you and what is the most effective way of bringing it to fruition?

The conference will provide networking and learning opportunities on the below-listed topics and more!

Registration is Open!
*Complimentary registration exclusive for in-house counsel and corporate leaders

 CLE Approved CA State 

  • Leading through Uncertainty: Prioritizing DEI Through Times of Transition
  • Disrupting the Noah's Ark Approach to DEI: Creating a Culture of Inclusion 
  • Mentorship Matters but Sponsorship Moves the Needle
  • Nurturing the Next Generation in Legal
  • KEYNOTE: DEI Champions: Driving Change, Getting Buy-in and Leveraging Success
  • VIP Interview Series: Featuring Annie Khalid
  • Cultivating Allies & Change Agents
  • It's More than a Feeling: Busting Stereotypes and Unpacking Unconscious Bias
  • Chief Counsel
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief, Deputy and Associate General Counsel
  • Trademark and Copyright Counsel
  • Head of Litigation
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Director of Business and Legal Affairs
  • General Counsel
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Director/VP of Licensing
  • Senior Counsel
  • Chief Legal Officer
  • Chief Diversity Officer
  • Cyber Counsel