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Round Table 1
Responding to Demands for Accountability in DEI

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is no longer just a “nice to have” or a bullet point on a checklist.  It’s an imperative, with demands coming from customers, employees, shareholders, unions, and legislators. This environment requires sound, strategic, values-based governance. In this roundtable we will discuss options for responding to specific demands for DEI accountability. We will also highlight best practices for both targeted and enterprise-wide equity audits, climate assessments, developing ESG reporting, preserving privilege throughout these processes, and how to message to stakeholders what your organization is doing and why.

Round Table 2
Using Data to tell the Story of DEI and Legal Value

Topic Details to Come!

Round Table 3
Driving Diversity through Global Talent

Topic Details to Come!

Round Table 4
Breaking Down Barriers for Women Lawyers

Whether in private practice or corporate America, women lawyers face several barriers that require awareness for successful career development. Join Bartlit Beck Partners Rebecca Weinstein Bacon and Cindy Sobel as they share their stories and discuss best practices to identify and break down barriers for women in the legal industry. This roundtable discussion will explore:

  • Challenging the status quo of origination credit
  • The importance of placing women in critical leadership roles
  • Strategies to promote women lawyers in business development initiatives
  • Supporting women at critical junctures in their careers and lives