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AGENDA: Thursday, July 9, 11am PDT

11:00 AM
11:05 AM
Bias & The Virus: Combating Institutional Discrimination & Disparity

We are in the midst of a pandemic and it will be a long recovery from COVID-19. Among the many issues is the reality that companies will continue to cut pay and lay more people off. Studies show that the choices they make will have a disparately negative impact on attorneys of color and women. How do we make sure those decisions are fair? Recognizing how these decisions may impact your employees, particularly those from marginalized groups, is imperative to fostering a sense of inclusion and belonging during these unique times.

This panel will explore:

  • The best way to approach this complicated and challenging topic
  • How to make this an opportunity to have some difficult but necessary conversations
  • Policies and guidelines beneficial to both the organization and to employees

11:55 AM
12:00 PM
Virtual Commuting, Caregiving & Corona: Remote Work Strategies

Working remotely has created a new set of challenges for women and minorities especially those that are also in a caregiver role. Whether you are caring for children, elderly parents or just having a balanced work-life integration, COVID-19 has placed an even greater strain on those already trying to keep up with the demands of a successful career.

This panel will explore:

  • Best practices for working remotely
  • Why companies should support – not penalize – parents and caregivers now and in the future
  • Realistic tips for achieving balance
  • The silver lining: How the pandemic will change the way we work and create more opportunities for flexibility

12:50 PM
KEYNOTE - A View From the Bench: How to be an Agent For Social Change

Hear from The Honorable Tanya R. Kennedy, on how we can navigate through the current crisis and become agents for social change:

  • How and why the COVID-19 virus brought us to a tipping point
  • The reasons for the disproportionate impact on diverse populations 
  • What institutions and individuals can do to address these disparities
  • Allyship and Social Engineering

Interviewed by Robyn Frank, VP Diversity & General Counsel, CenterForce Conferences

01:20 PM
01:25 PM

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