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AGENDA: Wednesday, June 10, 11am CDT

11:00 AM
11:05 AM
Keeping Inclusivity Alive While Struggling to Survive: Holding Law Firms & Corporations Accountable

As organizations scramble to deal with financial challenges of COVID-19, the focus companies place on D & I initiatives have come to a screeching halt. Even with the cataclysmic shifts that the world is experiencing, there are several reasons why these initiatives must be maintained. How your organization shows up right now, will be remembered.

This panel will explore:

  • Why the pandemic has a greater impact on attorneys of color and women and why, therefore, it is important to double down on diversity and inclusion efforts, emphasizing a commitment to those values
  • Why creating a sense of community and belonging is especially important during times of crisis
  • What law firms can do to ensure and maintain a fair and equitable system that prioritizes inclusivity despite the challenges we are now facing
  • What in-house counsel can do to hold themselves and outside counsel accountable

11:55 AM
12:05 PM
Redefining Success in the Age of COVID-19: A Bridge to the New Normal

Women often do not apply for a job or a promotion if they don’t check every box, whereas men regularly seek jobs for which they are only partially qualified. The challenge can be even more daunting when considering a dream job or career choice that is not part of the normal trajectory. While the virus has pushed us out of our comfort zones, it has also presented a unique opportunity to explore our options. Pursuing these options (whether it be a raise, a promotion or a nontraditional path) requires the confidence courage to see your own potential in order to go after what is important to you.

This panel will explore:

  • Letting go of the past and finding new ways of adapting to the changes ahead
  • Getting clear with what you really want and making the current climate work for you
  • The ASK: Asking for what you want and knowing why you deserve
  • The role of sponsors, mentors and allies in getting us closer to our goals
  • How best to advocate for ourselves and others

12:55 PM