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07:50 AM
Breakfast and Check-In
08:50 AM
Opening Comments
09:00 AM
The Bulls, Bears & Future of Wall Street DEI

Despite growing pressure from regulators and shareholders, Wall Street has struggled to create a truly diverse and equitable workplace culture. This panel brings together industry leaders to discuss the current state of DEI on Wall Street, and more importantly, the strategies and solutions needed to make progress. Join us to hear from experts on:

  • The latest data on diversity on Wall Street
  • The biggest challenges facing DEI efforts within the industry
  • Promising initiatives and solutions to common obstacles
  • Strategies for benchmarking success and driving change

09:45 AM
Recruitment, Retention & Representation: Crafting an Inclusive Workforce

Diverse recruitment initiatives have become common place on Wall Street, but firms are finding that retaining and progressing diverse talent up the pipeline has become the latest obstruction to creating a truly diverse Wall Street culture. One of the top reasons is lack of inclusion and retention initiatives to keep these diverse hires past their initial appointment. How can we as individuals and leaders promote a true culture of inclusion in our workplaces?

This panel will explore:

  • Organizational pitfalls when DEI isn’t a priority
  • Recruitment strategies, where they work and where they’re falling short
  • Progress & challenges to retaining diverse talent
  • Best recruitment and retention strategies for your company
  • Strategies for developing and promoting diverse talent up the pipeline

10:30 AM
Mentorship, Partnership & the Power of Coaching

Accelerating career growth and succeeding on Wall Street takes more than hard work and dedication. Mentoring provided by influential leaders coupled with impactful coaching can help executives develop and foster relationships that promote success in their careers. Mentorship, sponsorship, and coaching all have major influence on creating more equity and inclusion, while giving diverse groups the confidence and tools to succeed within an organization.

This panel will explore:

  • Identifying partners and allies to support your career growth and success
  • Paying it forward through mentorship
  • The impact of coaching on leadership development and career advancement
  • Best practices for implementing successful sponsorship & mentorship programs

11:15 AM
Networking Break
11:55 AM
The ESG Landscape: Wall Street’s Role in Creating a More Sustainable Future

ESG initiatives have become increasingly important for both investors and companies, allowing employees on Wall Street to play a vital role in promoting and implementing sustainable strategies. But ESG isn’t all about the environment. As Wall Street and other major corporations are seeing shifts when it comes to DEI-based ESG initiatives, how can you benchmark, promote, and create sustainable ESG strategies that align with your organization’s values and goals?

This panel will explore:

  • Integrating and advocating for ESG strategies and accountability
  • Outcomes of stakeholder & investor demands
  • Why firms are backtracking on their ESG + DEI promises
  • Managing ESG reporting and accountability
  • How to get Buy-In from the C-Suite and ways to align ESG initiatives with company values

12:40 PM
Meet Wall Street’s Power Players: Leveraging Your Platform to Drive Change

Talking about DEI issues is one thing, but learning through shared experiences and stories may be one of the most effective ways to create lasting results. Join us for an engaging discussion with Wall Street’s most successful dealmakers as they share their stories of overcoming obstacles, how they worked their way to the top, and what they’re doing now to pay it forward. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from their insights and gain valuable strategies for breaking through barriers and making positive impacts towards a more inclusive culture on Wall Street.

This panel will explore:

  • Paths to Success: How panelists broke through the Wall Street culture to achieve their goals
  • Self-advocacy, tips for making the ask, and getting what you’re worth
  • Turning difficult experiences into career breakthroughs
  • How panelists leverage their platforms to drive change and Promote DEI from the top

01:25 PM
Lunch & Networking
02:05 PM

Rotating, 20-minute panel discussions

03:10 PM
Networking Break
03:25 PM
The Wolves of Wall Street: Beating Stereotypes and Bias on ‘The Street’

Biases and stereotypes impact every decision we make at both the individual and the institutional level. When not addressed, they create a toxic culture and a hostile work environment to diverse employees and leaders. As individuals and leaders, how do we build awareness within ourselves and our organizations to begin creating change?
This panel will explore:

  • Raising awareness of bias, assumptions, and stereotyping
  • Addressing toxic practices and attitudes that hinder inclusion
  • Recognizing and overcoming our own individual biases
  • Overcoming bias in hiring, review processes, promotion and compensation
  • Removing invisible barriers that hinder true inclusion at all levels
  • Leveraging diversity for better decision-making and innovation

04:10 PM
Brokering A Career That Works for You: Avoiding Burnout & Finding Fulfillment

Working on Wall Street can be grueling, with long hours and intense pressure to perform at a high level. However, work-life balance is critical for mental and physical health, job satisfaction, and overall success. In this panel, experts will share their insights on how to achieve work-life balance in high-pressure environments like Wall Street.

This panel will explore:

  • WFH, Hybrid, or In-Person? Advocating for a schedule that works for you
  • Avoiding Burnout + Improving Mental Health: What you and your companies can do
  • Promoting and advancing your career in-office or out
  • When to say enough is enough!

04:55 PM
VIP Interview Series: Featuring Kira Córdoba-Brown

Inspired by the success of our podcast series—Journeys to Equity—CenterForce is proud to introduce our VIP Interview Program. Each of our Summits will now highlight the career path of one particular speaker. We will explore the challenges they faced, and the impact that diversity has played, on their road to success. The goal is to give our audience tips, insights and support as we work together to cultivate a community of inclusion for all.

05:25 PM
Closing Comments + Networking Cocktail Hour

Take part in this prestigious opportunity by nominating exceptional leaders within your network who have exemplified unwavering commitment to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion. NOTE: All Nominations due by October 5, 2023: Your nominee MUST be in attendance at the conference to be eligible for the award!

 Submit Your Nomination here:

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