The Women in IP and Law Summit: Silicon Valley

The conference explores the career obstacles, risks and rewards on the path to a fulfilling and productive career for women lawyers – particularly when practicing in Silicon Valley and intellectual property. What is the best way to manage your career? What are the best approaches for promoting yourself? Where can you take your career? Are companies doing enough to promote high-potential executives? What is unique about working in Silicon Valley and IP?

This one-day-only conference will provide networking and learning opportunities on topics including mentorship, gender equity and career management. 

CLE: 5.5 hrs. CA State CLE, inc. 1 hr Bias recognition & elimination

  • Gender Equity in IP and Silicon Valley
  • Work Life Balance & Career Management: Guilt, Conflict and Ambition
  • Developing Your Work Style, Approach and Strengths
  • When the Boys Go Golfing: Bonding, Networking & Promoting Yourself
  • Lessons Learned from Female Litigators
  • Who is My Mentor and Developing a Sponsor
  • Chief IP Counsel
  • VP & Director of IP Strategy
  • Chief, Deputy and Associate General Counsel
  • Intellectual Property, Trademark and Copyright Counsel
  • Head of Litigation
  • Director of Business and Legal Affairs
  • Director/VP of Intellectual Property
  • Director/VP of Licensing
  • IP Counsel
  • Patent Counsel
  • VP & Director of Intellectual Asset Management