Roundtable Discussions

1.30 - 2.50 pm
What is a Roundtable?

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Roundtables are informal interactive discussions which provide an excellent opportunity to exchange professional insights with peer-level IP Experts. The sessions bring together attendees in confidential, dynamic, cross-industry groups to learn from each other’s experience and discuss common themes.

Reasons to attend?
Gain practical insights from your peers and share your own discoveries with others. Only real life examples and educational discussions.

Roundtable 1
Best Practices for Handling Notices of Infringement

Significant changes to the legal landscape in patent litigation—willful infringement, Section 101, personal jurisdiction in declaratory judgment actions, IPR success rates, and the anticipated venue changes (TC Heartland)—give cause to reevaluate strategies for handling notices of infringement.  Should you ignore the notices until sued? Get an opinion letter? File a DJ action to preserve venue? File an IPR? There is not a one-size fits all answer. This roundtable will address how to weigh the various considerations in order to formulate the best strategy in today’s landscape.

Roundtable 2
Utilizing Best Practices in IP Budget Management and Forecasting

Companies are managing IP budgets more strategically making sure there is aligement with both domestic and interantional business goals. Organizations are challenged as to what their IP activities, both domestic and international, actually cost. What are the best practices in forecasting IP filings and renewal costs, and gaining better insight into your IP portfolios.

Roundtable 3
Curiouser and Curiouser: The Evolving State of Patentable Subject Matter

A look at dispositive Section 101 motions and outcomes as Federal Circuit decisions interpreting Alice continue to evolve.

Roundtable 4
Topic and details coming soon