AGENDA: Tuesday, March 13, 2018

07:30 AM
08:30 AM
Portfolio Management and Patent Prosecution: Going Beyond Quality

Organizations are pushing for more quality in their patent portfolios in an effort to avoid invalidity challenges and mitigate the IPR threat. The recent procedural and judicial uncertainty at the PTAB and USPTO is now further complicating the patent landscape. To succeed, patent counsel must continue their drive for higher quality patents while navigating an ever more complex political and business landscape. Are your portfolio management and prosecution efforts ready for these challenges?

This panel will explore:

  • Prosecution with an eye towards survivability
  • Portfolio evaluation – what to keep and what to kill?
  • Buy-in, communication & integration of business strategy
  • Budget, cost, resource allocation & collaborating with outside counsel

09:20 AM
Trade Secrets Strategy: Balancing Business and Protection

The unfriendliness of the patent landscape has long driven a surge towards trade secrets. As organizations look towards trade secret protections they are confronted with a difficult decision: do we undercut some safeguard policies in order to close a deal and achieve a business outcome? No longer a simple policy and process issue, the challenge is in gaining and retaining buy-in from stakeholders and business partners in the face of business pressures.

This panel will explore:

  • How to balance business goals with trade secrets policy
  • Best practices and necessities in trade secret protections
  • Safeguarding trade secrets with suppliers, vendors and partners
  • Mitigating trade secret liability with in-coming talent
  • Culture, buy-in and evolving trade secret protections
  • There’s been a breach – now what do you do?

10:10 AM
10:50 AM
Constitutional? Are IPRs still a viable part of your Patent Strategy?

Is it Constitutional? For months this question has dogged counsel and businesses looking to protect their patents. As the Supreme Court considers the matter, there is broad agreement that in one form or another change is coming! Is your organization prepared? Have you been hedging your strategy?

This panel will explore:

  • Trends and developments with the IPR process: Where are we and where could we go?
  • Best practices, lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid?
  • Deciding on IPRs – What are your considerations?
  • Costs, communication & collaboration with outside counsel

11:40 AM
Building a Defensive IP Strategy: Leveraging the Favorable Landscape

The landscape has long been favorable to the defendant, but recent decisions are pointing towards the patent owner. As the winds shift, are you leveraging your defensive strategy beyond IPRs? If patent owners do bring a case now, it will be a strong one; so the ability to be prepared with your defensive strategy is key. Preparing your resources, team and portfolio means you will be less reactive.

This panel will explore:

  • Preparing your defense and aligning with organizational resources
  • Scenario planning: What to do when approached?
  • Anticipating enforcement strategies
  • Considering the consequences: Going beyond just the financials

12:30 PM
01:30 PM

Four 20-minute roundtable discussions hosted by a topic expert.
Attendance is for in-house counsel only – except moderators

Roundtable 1: Topic and details coming soon

Roundtable 2: Topic and details coming soon

Roundtable 3: Topic and details coming soon

Roundtable 4: Topic and details coming soon

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03:05 PM
03:35 PM
Patent Enforcement Strategy 2018: Challenges & Business Necessity

Though IPRs and the PTAB are under scrutiny, the challenge of defending market share exclusivity and patent value remains high. At a minimum, statistics show a difficult road ahead and owners still need to protect their IP. How do you effectively enforce in this uncertain and confusing environment? How do you balance the need to protect market share with the challenges in the enforcement environment?

This panel will explore:

  • Enforcement trends and latest developments
  • Goals and outcomes – What does a win look like?
  • Buy-in, communication & managing stakeholder expectations
  • Due-diligence & pre-trial preparation
  • Resource allocation

04:25 PM
Keynote - Managing Intellectual Property Risk in an Uncertain Landscape: A Chief IP Counsel’s Perspective

Change in the patent-scape has been the norm and 2018 is shaping up to continue the trend with a score of SCOTUS decisions, regulatory changes and of course new leadership at the USPTO. How can IP counsel contend with all of these changes in rapid succession? What does it take to manage risk and maintain stability in your portfolio? Through a series of examples and takeaways the session explores potential approaches to mitigating and managing IP risk in the current landscape.

05:15 PM